Monday, 9 December 2019

Skeena Valley Runners Needs Your Help

Unless Santa Claus can help us on December 25th, Skeena Valley Runners has an ill-timed problem.

The ill-timed problem is an ill time clock. Our clock is dead. And the community of Terrace needs a new one.

For the past 25+ years the Skeena Valley Runners clock has been used for every high school meet and every foot race. It is very regularly used by the skiers and cyclists. It has been used by small businesses and non-profit groups for their various events. It's even been used by the dragon boaters and the motorcyclists.

Skeena Valley Runners always lends the clock out free of charge. It is how we give back to the community. And of course the clock is a big part of our own races, where we raise money for community charity partners such as the high school athletics teams and Terrace Search and Rescue.

A new clock is not cheap. We are looking at possibly as much as $3000 to replace the clock. And while we are exploring our options, quite frankly we don't have the money.

So we turn to you, the Skeena Valley Runners. The most awesomest people in town! We don't charge memberships. We don't have high entry fees at our races. We discount families and youth. So, as much as we hate to do it, we are going to ask you to consider donating any amount you would like to Skeena Valley Runners so that community of Terrace, most notably the youth, has a time clock again.

Please make your donation via the PayPal link below. If you'd feel more comfortable making a donation offline, please see one of the SVR executives, named below.

On behalf of Adrienne, Brent, Braeden and Travis, thank you and Merry Christmas.

Joe Pelletier
President, Skeena Valley Runners