Monday, 23 December 2019

Santa Claus Visits Skeena Valley Runners Early

In early December we announced that the Skeena Valley Runners time clock had died, and unless Santa Claus brought us a new one for Christmas, we needed financial donations to help us replace it.

You, the great running community, responded with more than $750 in donations. We were wowed by your support.

And then Santa Claus showed up.

Technicon Industries stepped up with a $2500 commitment days before Christmas. The donation will come in January.

Needless to say your SVR executive is a little bit stunned and speechless. What an amazing and generous gesture courtesy of Andrew Contumelias and his team at Technicon. They have long been great supporters of a wide variety of causes in our communities. 

Skeena Valley Runners is still finalizing the best purchase options for a clock. With shipping, taxes and possibly customs we are still examining our options. But we should have the new clock in time for the St. Patrick's Day race and high school athletics season.

On behalf of Adrienne, Brent, Braeden and Travis, thank all of you for your generosity. We live in an amazing community! Merry Christmas from Skeena Valley Runners!

Joe Pelletier
President, Skeena Valley Runners