Saturday, 29 December 2018

Skeena River Relay Needs You

The fine folks over at Rupert Runners put on an amazing event every year in the Prince Rupert to Terrace Skeena River Relay. The 142km course is run by 30 teams in 10 stages, and is the must-do event of the northern BC racing schedule. 2019 will mark the 18th anniversary of the event's inauguration.

As you can imagination, putting on such an event is an enormous undertaking. The re-born Skeena Valley Runners have helped at the finish line the last two years, but for 2019 Rupert Runners is asking for much more help to ensure the event's continued success.

So we turn to you, the running the community. Here is how you can help.

  • Run! Get on a team and do what you love to do. Run your heart out and show everyone how awesome you are.
  • Consider volunteering, or asking family or friends to volunteer. This event is best experienced in running shoes, but is nothing without volunteers. We can all do a little, whether we are running or not.
  • We are looking for support on the Terrace half of the relay, specifically stages 7, 8, 9 and 10 from the Kasiks to the finish line at Canadian Tire in Terrace.
  • If you have the appropriate first aid, medic support is always needed.
  • Maybe you can help out with the post-race party at the Terrace Curling Club
  • Are you a business owner? The Skeena River Relay would love to hear from you. The event is in need of prizes and donations. This is no longer a Prince Rupert event, let's show everyone what Terrace has to offer!
If you can volunteer or sponsor, or if you have further questions, please contact Shannon Lough of Rupert Runners at