Thursday, 18 April 2019

A History Of The King Of The Mountain

The King of the Mountain Foot Race, the Northwest's most historic race, returns in 2020 with a new twist - it will be virtual!

This will be the 43rd year in the race's iconic history on the popular trails of Terrace Mountain. The race was started in 1977 by local runner Trevor Whitaker. Ed Ansems and the original Skeena Valley Runners quickly adopted the race - the only race that has survived the sands of time in Terrace. 

Back then runners would race from the arena up Kalum Hill to what is now known as the Munthe trail head, though the trailhead has moved a couple times over the years. Runners would race to the hiking viewpoint and down the steep hiking trail.

By 2012 the course changed to it's current status, partly due to traffic and property development concerns and partly to the creation of other trails on Terrace Mountain. Runners now leave the arena and head up Park Hill to the Johnstone Trail Head where they run the Flat Head mountain biking trail in a counterclockwise direction. They then return to the arena.

People from all over the northwest came out to challenge themselves against the mountain - including Smithers' Richard Harrison who has won the event a record 13 times.

On the women's side Sue Simpson and Nadene Butler have been the most dominant runners, winning six and five events, respectively.

The new Skeena Valley Runners takes over the event for the first time in 2018, after several years of Transcend Fitness doing an excellent job. New to the event this year will be finisher medals for everyone. 

Local wunderkind Connor Block will be looking for his third consecutive win, an amazing feat only matched by Harrison, Butler and Rose-Marie Cheer. He would be the first to do it on the new course. The women's side will see a new winner, as two time champ Rheannon Brooks will not compete this year.

1977Peter Simpson41:00:00unknownUnknown
1978Ric Banna39:55:00Maureen Sargant48:27:00
1979Ed Ansems40:15:00Sue Simpson52:28:00
1980Randy Nelson38:50:00Maureen Sargent48:44:00
1981Colin Parr37:20:00Kathy Webb47:44:00
1982Karl Sterner38:23:00Sue Simpson45:00:00
1983Richard Harrison37:57:00Sue Simpson47:18:00
1984Richard Harrison38:25:00Stephanie Cousins56:40:00
1985Richard Harrison37:39:00Maureen Sargent43:55:00
1986Richard Harrison35:41:00Sue SimpsonUnknown
1987Colin Parr35:33:00Karen McConnell57:45:00
1988Richard Harrison35:29:00Sue SimpsonUnknown
1990Richard Harrison37:43:00Rose Marie Cheer41:46:00
1991Richard Harrison37:30:00Rose Marie Cheer47:18:00
1992Richard Harrison37:12:00Rose Marie Cheer46:00:00
1993Richard Harrison38:48:00Sue Simpson47:27:00
1994Richard Harrison39:57:00Tara Moran45:17:00
1995Richard Harrison38:27:00Tara Moran47:17:00
1997James Smids40:54:00Lyndsay Belisle46:45:00
1998Richard Harrison37:33:00Danielle Thompson51:11:00
2000Judson Rowse40:30:00Sue Holmes49:50:00
2001Ryan Day41:23:00Susanne Ellert54:02:00
2002Wade Balbirnie39:53:00Susan Harrison51:36:00
2003Richard Harrison39:55:00Nadene Bulter49:34:00
2004Jon Lambert43:18:00Donna Keller54:45:00
2005Travis Carter41:52:00Fay Campbell56:27:00
2006Matthias Muller (sic)39:51:00Nadene Bulter48:56:00
2007Mathias Muller (sic)unknownShirley Hahnunknown
2008Craig Lencucha44:27:00Nadene Bulter45:31:00
2009Ben Thorne44:00:00Nadene Bulter44:51:00
2010Ben Thorne43:59:00Nadene Bulter45:27:00
2011Matt Reeve46:37:00Sherrie Hamer56:21:00
2012Judson Rowse49:47:00Donna Hull59:21:00NEW COURSE
2013Chris Hampton49:38:00Tara Irwin59:17:00
2014Chris Hampton51:41:00Krista Johnstone57:35:00
2015Francois Dagenais Cote48:10:00Krista Johnstone54:13:00
2016Connor Block50:52:00Rheannon Brooks61:13:00
2017Connor Block49:35:00Rheannon Brooks62.55
2018Derek Flynn50:19:00Natasha Papachristoforou61:49:00
2019Connor Block44:46:00Carly Madge58:08:00